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December 30th, 2020 by

It may have run for an hour or so. When the pump is on my basket is about 2/3 full. I re opened again and glue the o ring and tightened the belly band and still not seeing the bubbles, Release the air from the air relief valve on top of the filter. Hi Rob, ah pool opening, always fun! My pump basket still is only about 90% full, but its now quiet and not cavicating. Pay attention to the first fitting coming out of the front of the pump make sure it is not loose. Sand filters are the worst performers for cloudy water, or poor conditions clean-up. I have no signs of water drips; wouldn’t that be the tell-tale sign? Pool Putty can be used as a temporary, but long lasting repair, but the correct repair is to cut-out and replace the PVC fitting, (usually a male threaded adapter, 1.5″ or 2″), using thread sealant when installing. Some skimmers will create a suction vortex and draw air in when the water level is low. Hi Craig, you may have hit the nail on the head – the pump impeller may be clogged with small debris. Check the pump housing for any visible cracks. I also see many air bubbles in the pull gasket lid. Upon start-up, opening the air relief provides a vent for trapped air. Onga Pantera Series II pool sand filters are manufactured in Australia using UV high-density stabilised polyethylene. Pressure and storage tanks have to be durable to help keep pressure flowing sometimes for comfort, sometimes to handle a high volume. If there are problems, it may be a leaking shaft seal, or a shrunken (and leaking) plumbing fittings, in or out of the pump, or in worst case, a warped impeller, basket or housing. Without the use… Hi Tonya, the air will just come out of the return closest to the pump usually, it’s too lazy to travel all the way to the others, which are all part of the same pipe. Third – is to just not worry about it, your filter is not really filling up with air, just a bit in the top, so it has no real effect on filtration, and how often do you run MD only anyway? It will push thru naturally, or you can open up the air bleeder, found on top of most pool filters. Given that the basket is full of water when the pump is off I’m concerned that there’s something wrong with the pump. Your filter removes tiny debris from the pool water, keeping it consistently clear. It’s a good idea what your (smart) pool guy did, to balance out the suction and pressure sides of the pump. Air pumps can run ‘air stones’ which create a cascade of bubbles for decorative purposes. Compare. If you feel up for it, grab a shovel and dig down along the skimmer pipe(s), dig straight down to expose the 90 fitting, then keep digging around the pipe to expose the pipe as much as possible for full inspection, looking for ‘spider web’ cracking, or listen for an air leak, which will be a water leak when the pump shuts off. I have an old pool (30 yrs). I called a pool company and the tech couldn’t find a suction side leak either. 1. loose pump lid (they must be TIGHT), missing or damaged or dry pump lid o-ring – use teflon pool lube. I suppose that heavy rain fall may also seal up any air leaks temporarily, if there is enough water to keep air from sucking in…? If you are taking in air you will be putting out air. Both lines then travel across the width of the pool (16 feet) with one line going into the deep end (this line does not have air bubbles) and then the second line travels the length of the pool (10-12 feet) to the swallow end- this is where I have constant air bubbles. 5. loose hoses, not clamped tightly to hose adapter, or tiny splits in the suction hose (usually can be heard hissing). They pass thru particles that other filters would trap. Hi Frank, it’s just the opposite actually, a lower flow pump won’t have the power to pull air into the system. I am unable to find the air leak. It takes a lot to be a tank. Full skimmer and/or pump baskets, or clogged impeller. In most cases, a bad shaft seal will only leak water, and not draw air in, because it is under pressure, not under suction. 3. loose valve lids in front of the pump, skimmer and main drain valves that are old and leaky (inground pools). This is a common question that many swimming pool owners ask and the answer can be a quick fix or a major problem. Any idea what the heck is going on? So don’t worry that your pipes underground may be sucking in air; although that can happen, it’s a rare occurrence. Now I’m getting air in the basket and there’s a strange oscillating sound coming from the pump. I switch the hoses etc. Actually, I do get air bubbles when the pump starts up in the morning. 2. loose hose adapter, threaded fitting coming into pump must be tight! Remember the problem lies from the pump forward. Pressurized air can cause the top closure to separate which can result in severe injury, death, or property damage. But if I close the main drain suction line and only open either the Skimmer or the Spa suction line, I don’t see this issue. We can not keep our pool clear! $25.00. When the system is tight (no air leaks) all runs fine. 1 skimmer, sand filter, 2 return jets. But another vital part of keeping the pool clean is the pool filter. Extreme Leaf Removal. Ultraviolet Sterilisation Water Sanitation System 105L/m Whole House UV H7-90-AT $1,170.00 Turn on pump and it works for abut 3-4 seconds then looses water in the pump skimmer.

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