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Both times, I was assisted by Drew, who knocks customer service out of the park. She went in back to help check if there's curtain rod and ended up finding the one we were looking. Instead, I have been lied to -- over and over again. A thousand dollars is nothing to you but it is significant to us. I have never purchased anything here yet... but when we have a new home, you better believe I'll be here frequently. I asked how to contact them, their cold response was to get on my server and try to find one. It’s durable and the grey colour goes with everything. This is unfortunate bc, the store is always busy-- treating people in retail because you feel like you are "elite"or drive a Tesla, lacks compassion and it's counterproductive. You have to manually click on one promotion or the other. What? West Elm's tiered pricing deals are full of false advertising. West Elm Harmony Sofa Reviews Design Innovation Shelter sofa 84 sit fit shelter sofa you west elm shelter sofa review new sit fit bolazia west elm shelter 3 seater sofa linen weave at john lewis partners They took time to be present to receive deliveries so that we wouldn't have to make special trips out or keep postponing the dates. Thank you again, Joey and Sam and everyone at West Elm Palm Springs for going out of your way and working so hard to help us get our house furnished in record time! It finally did at the same time they offered free shipping so I ordered it. We have a decent-sized home, and we also want to host our friends and family, which include nine energetic nephews between the ages of 10 and 1. Ruined what could have been such a nice transaction and experience. The quality is beyond reproach...it's fantastic. I'm wondering the same thing only WHY are y'all so rude and ugly to people? But we showed him again, that our coupon stated in very large BOLD type "15% off EVERYTHING", and EVERYTHING should mean everything, including our simple little duvet. So any damn question I ask should be fair. However, it’s a good option for an office or formal room that you may not use very often because it does look comfortable. Cheap, poorly made furniture. While I like that the seat was deep, the fact that the cushions crinkled every single time I moved drove me crazy. It's so beautiful in here! At first they ship damaged furniture, then they delay delivery without notification, then they schedule an appointment with complete disregard to what I asked. Won't be returning to this location. You’re sort of stuck having to test a version of the sofa you want and then hoping that the one you get meets those expectations. Cashiers ignoring me. The customer service in the store is much faster and easier than on the phone. west elm is a huge disappointment for me. The down comforter was repacked immediately. Overall, I avoid this location at all costs and shop exclusively online. I felt as if she had made the assumption that I was going to DEMAND or had already DEMANDED a return. A different representative hanged the phone to my face. She showed us the shelf with curtains and said that's all they have in store. Basically, everything else went downhill from there. Asking everything in paper. Thxs & Happy New Year! Personally love West Elm furniture and stores but your employees and their customer service need help. We loaded the family into the car and drove to the store to purchase the rug. Staff at the Palm Springs store are extremely helpful and very professional. Prices are competitive with like stores. it is very strict building. I threatened to cut the fabric bottom out and put some olive oil on the springs, but by then my wife was furious...$2000 for 6 chairs and nobody wanted to sit on them! You would think that when it's the company's fault for delivering the wrong item, they would make up for it immediately. I've shopped West Elm a number of times since my original review - probably more than any other store. Needed a replacement globe for their Eclipse Chandelier which they still show in their catalog. "We are so sorry for your inconvenience. I have tried repeatedly to secure the promised designed dollars from a large purchase I made in June, and West Elm has lied to me repeatedly: (1) I have a statement dated June that stated that my rewards would come by the end of the month. The second time we were here to checkout curtain and curtain hardware. They're LIARS! It was odd and uncomfortable. They do require a lot of time to be built/shipped. The one who helped us with our item (if you can even call it help) left us feeling like we were bothering her just because we wanted to buy something and was such a buzzkill to do business with. After all, they'll only hold onto items for 5 days, god forbid you inconvenience them. She further insulted us, and it was clear that she was not going to be of any help, so we left. Bryan knows his job and loves it too - the byproduct of which was making my experience at his store super pleasant. We refuse delivery on the spot. Between employees that don't acknowledge you and make you feel as though you are bothering them by asking for assistance to inventory that show abundantly available online for store pick-up, then no one can locate it in the store. When I call customer service they cannot give me any delivery date; the only update they have is that the order is in-process so I am living in my 1 bedroom apartment without a furniture for a month now. Horrible, I was wondering why the ratings were so low but now I understand, there was not enough ppl who can help their customers. Furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task. Since then it's been several more months and several more phone calls and always the same run around. We refused delivery. During the wait Lana promised me several times to call me and I even asked her for an email with and update and she never called and I never received the email. Do not support this inept business. Please go to Crate and Barrel/cb2 and buy your furniture as they have an Excellent service. When I had it repaired by a professional, they showed me that the stitching was never finished in a way that would hold up. AWFUL SERVICE AND PRODUCTS. ... At West Elm, we take great pride in the quality of our merchandise. So they said they would issue a check. But, after you order--they can't seem to get their delivery correct. This review is intended for the crap operations in dealing with the logistics of the company; i.e. So nearly 90 days later and I have one item that is good. I have been on phone today for 2 hrs been transferred 3x for no additional information. I was so happy to meet Rico in person, and thank him face to face. I'm not sure what my wife sees in this place, I walked in here the other day looking for a comfortable couch, These guys literally stole $1000 dollars from us, I would not buy furniture at West Elm again, The worst designer store I have ever shopped at, The store looks good and gives you a lot of ideas, Pretty clean store and a great environment, My mom got me an 8x10 wool rug for over $1000, Extremely frustrated with customer service, I've never been treated this way by a company. Some shoppers also mentioned longevity concerns with their specific rugs that frayed and lost fibers within a few months. Awful customer service. Second, to comfort is size. Each item's availability was narrowed down to what was in-store and what needed to be shipped. Unfortunately, the cushions did have a bit of that crinkle material that I don’t like, but not as bad as with the Newport sofa. This is ridiculous! If you want something that is long lasting don't shop here. Georgia and Lahnna were informative and price conscious. Read all west elm Crosby 3 Seater Sofa reviews here: See Full Review. Extremely helpful and honest and patient. Then nothing! Decided to not make the purchase instead. If only the people your store hired were all as pleasant as you! They just don't care! I kept wondering why it looked so different in my house than in the store... it was the wrong one!). Nice display and friendly staff, some more experienced than others. So, where's my dining table? Not functional. Andres G. has been stellar and true "artist" designing Rockstar for WE! I should have received over $500. Thank you, Rico! West Elm is a company never do what they promise. Delivery issues. One of the most popular items that West Elm shoppers are in search of are their rugs. It's how do you say, more trouble than it's worth. 1. Great store and customer service. I'm sorry, but aren't YOU the one that should be knowledgeable on your items? So I ask why he's asking me what store it was returned to if he already claimed in calling the store. Fast forward one month later, we got a email stating that there was a hold on our order and we should call them for details. Called back again, and they finally answered our questions without being put on hold or hung up on. Unfortunately we are very disappointed with West Elm. Accommodates West Elm Queen-sized sheets (sold separately). Joey and Sam did not make a single recommendation we did not like. I'm just very disappointed and I can't recommend this particular store at all since the people there just aren't honest and helpful. Only had received half my order of picture frames from Pottery Barn --with no notification the other half of the order isn't arriving--for months. So, we asked to speak to a Manager. Unsure how anyone would love this store! All in all, it’s a solid couch with a ton of different storage options! i spent more than a thousand dollars to have this kind of service ??? Allform Sectionals. West Elm customer service: We called them many times. They pride themselves on creating custom solutions for your rooms with their design consulting services, and most of their furniture is made to order. I'm not sure what my wife sees in this place. This is actually impossible because you have to choose one or the other. Rings me I pay she says thank you and I'm on my way. She clearly had a very negative, defensive attitude from the moment she walked up. Their bad attitudes and disgusting demeanors have no place in this business. Then, right away another sales associate / manager introduced me to their designer, Lawrence. Learn about what the Sofa Selector team likes and dislikes about the West Elm Urban Sofa. I just had the most amazing customer service here. Could be just a busy time of the day by the time I left? But today I had the unpleasant task of dealing with Sabrina for a return. Especially if you are having issues with your order (which, tbh, usually happens with corporate West Elm), if you come in, the staff here go above and beyond to try and help you. Like haha West Elm can't get their business together. It’s probably my least favorite sound in the world, and not what you’d expect from looking at the couch. Required fields are marked *. I went to west elm in Jacksonville, Florida, location, and spent hours reviewing every sofa that they have in their showroom. I did have West Elm's social media representative reach out and offer to be a point person, I have sent her an updated email, and will see if there is any resolve to this fraudulent issue. Everything is modern, clean and aesthetically pleasing. I placed an order back in December the table in this order finally came in. I lusted after West Elm furniture for years so I saved for over a year to purchase what I thought was an investment in a quality sleeper sofa for … My solid advice: turn away from this store. Did you even listen to how I had answered the question you first asked me in the first place?? It is only about a five on the comfort scale. This is called a "split order," because we did one large order, under one bulk $250 shipping fee, and split the order between two different cards. Not here! * Not only did we find out our money was locked into a "gift card", we also could not do a straight forward exchange on the chairs, our only option to get new chairs was to pay out of pocket again, despite all of the "rewards," "points," and event money we should have for an exchange. he called my fiancee at 1.03pm to say he is leaving because nobody is there! But it was clearly not something a human could be responsible for...it was the material. Shortly after my final email to West Elm, the frame in the middle of the sofa broke (we are regular sized people). She tried to argue with me that I didn't buy the items at that store, which my receipt SAID CEDROS WEST ELM. I’d still rate this as a four on the nappability scale, just because it’s not as deep as I would have liked to cuddle up on comfortably. Will NEVER send any of my clients or bring them here to shop ever again. My only regret was not approaching Michelle initially. I wouldn't of bought the item in the first place if I knew it would of taken this long. My living room is one of the most-used places in our home, and we spend the majority of our waking hours there. who ever i called in this company, they were not helpful at all. If you like made in America furniture go to EQ3 just across the street. Badly. I have to say it looked nice initially but that's it. My only negative is they don't stock a lot of stuff so you have to order and wait even for smaller items. If you avoid her, you'll be fine. Only downside is the delivery time span. Want to be talked down to? Save yourself, only purchase what's in store. So I start digging. We had to sell a beloved MCM home in PS that was too small for our growing family and we upgraded to a much larger one, also MCM. So now we are 6-7 months later, no check no couch. We were shopping for furniture for our new place. You have to go through ANOTHER hoop and receive these "reward dollars" in the mail. Account ... Our designers created the Harris Collection with one thing in mind: versatility. I contacted West Elm and they told me that this is their standard quality. This company is all set to lose customers and I hope they cancel my order - refund my money and take those stupid dining chairs that I have been looking at for the past 2 months. If you have a contemporary or midcentury modern aesthetic in your home, the West Elm Harmony Sofa would likely pique your interest. Overall impression: This is an interesting couch because the base is very modular and boxy looking, while the cushions are soft and inviting. Incredible showroom and furniture and customer service. Later I returned to buy it and was told we "don't sell floor items" which was confusing because the "SALE" was 20% off floor items! For sheets sets, prices usually start around $90 and can up to $350. With that save yourself the hassle of not getting your furniture in a timely, hell, a REASONABLE, fashion. Actually handed it to us all haphazardly like that and expected us not to notice. Up-to-date, we will be looking at reporting West Elm to the Better Business Bureau after our recent visit to the Phoenix store, realizing we've virtually been swindled out of $$$ by West Elm. We also just sat and waited for someone to help for 15 mins but no one did :(. Located in the walking area of Cedros, this furniture & decor store has on trend style for the home. We had a quite a challenge. I've paid $300 for sofas that lasted 15 years and this is with a regular schedule of teenage boys crashing on it. If I had know how bad WE is, I would have never bought a single thing here. You lied to me about the numbers. Randy, the cashier, was so hostile and out of control, fortunately another store associate worked up and told him to leave and go to the back room to get himself under control. Shoppers tend to have positive feedback about the look of the furniture options available to them at West Elm. Store said they would look into it and call me but they were not sure they could due to past experiences with previous customers. Had to wait for a couple of months for a replacement item. This store is one of the reasons I go to Palm Springs. I'll purchase from another West Elm (Mockingbird Station in Dallas has great service) or online. However, this experience was much different. When I plopped down on it, there was a slight bounce back, but the back of the couch was quite firm and sturdy. The sales person's would not sale the item due to it had "flaws" and was a floor sample (?) We just bought a house and planned to spend lots more money there than we already did, but the experience was just such a letdown. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. He become very hostile and yelled at us. by the time he would start, i would be there. ... By Becky Harris. I request to speak with a manager (I guess this is corporate: 'Leadership team' - aka a joke of a team who want to feel important.) Aadi came to the rescue with incredibly thoughtful design recommendations, initiative to measure out our hypothetical space with a ruler, patience to answer our million questions, problem solving to look up different furniture options/colors and reformatting furniture pieces together, honesty (with great tactfulness) to disagree with less preferred designs, and creativity to draw out our floor plan and recreate a similar version at the store. Apparently another was being sent in its place, yet I had no information on when. I now have guest visiting soon and no couch. All that said, the value for this sofa is pretty good, as I think it’s one of West Elms better lines. Chaise seat cushion features a top seam. Between design consultations and answering the phones I was literally unable to get either one's attention during my half an hour visit. Then they tried telling me the price on price tag was for the display model (because it was $100 lower than their website), but that was a lie, as the price tag on the display was a regular price tag. Not a very deep seat, and the overall footprint is excellent for a smaller space. West Elm sells throwaway furniture. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. now Randy states that there is very fine print on their store policy that states that coupons may not be applied to "certain items". But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Overall impression: Another modular base, but this one looks more put together and that it’s a very cohesive design. when management called me i said i am on the way 10 minutes away, hold on. They will just call the customer service, but, they didn't cancel the order (even the receipt said they cancelled.) I'm currently redoing my master bedroom and dining room and have found pieces that I love here! Also web sight does not work most of the time. Lo and behold 4 weeks later, no furniture, with further stretched out delivery window, 8 weeks post purchase! We purchased a small table and custom chair. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. How is a customer supposed to know what that term even means?! It's sad how many people come through this store and have to deal with such awful, soul-sucking employees of West Elm. Didn't even say a word. No firm ETA on delivery date That being said. Go to this store and experience what good customer service is. Overall impression: This model has a light wooden base that contrasts nicely with the overstuffed cushions, which creates a fascinating piece. SPOILER ALERT: Their quality has gone down. The first time was because PB didn't have the linen sheet set that we wanted, knowing PB and WE belong to same company, we call the WE store, the service person was pretty nice and helped us check the store has the sheet set. Very rude and elitist staff. this applies not only to San Ramon ... but to all stores of this network the same thing happens !!! Love love love! I used to shop on line but now I get to experience, touch and feel all products. I also bought three from Wayfair snd they were 5 stars . Yeah, she "forgot" to tell me all six chairs I was ordering were considered "design deals," which are excluded from their sale. I purchased a blanket online. What kind of bullsheet is that?!? Unfortunately, that’s where my love affair with Newport ended. Don't apply the West Elm credit card. Then today I received a message stating there was issues with payment info and that's why my order hasn't been fulfilled ...my order from FOUR MONTHS ago. It's four weeks late and no one can seem to tell me where it is and when it will be delivered. They are having an one day sale and I didn't want to pay shipping so I called the store to check on a couple of items, then call back for more. West Elm is known for its high-quality furniture, much of which is distinctly midcentury, and this particular sofa … Overall impression: On first look, this couch screams modern. This is one of the best times to be an online furniture and home decor shopper. Also, the twill started pilling all over like an old sweater. The pros: Unique and beautiful modern lighting options with some customization options available. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BUY ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES SHIPPING. We hope that no other customer has to go through this kind of experience at this corporate store again. Staff is nice and doesnt stalk or hound you while you browse. When asked what I needed, all I simply said was, "I'd like to do a return, please." We called ahead of time to get the price on a specific rug and to confirm that they would apply 15% off for their current holiday weekend sale. The combinations he comes up with TRUST THEM.-) NOTE: I will say I have personally witnessed customers act "entitled" with staff. We asked if we could just get a replacement cushion or just the filling. please reconsider if u want to purchase any large items from the store. The cons: Some concerns about perceived quality of some coffee tables. I'm not one to cause a scene, but I hope someone does one day and teaches her a lesson. Good for you.' Also, all the reviews about this staff being snotty and ignoring customers (you're a chain West Elm, get past yourselves) are true. The only thing I'm happy with is the dresser and it's almost never used so I think that's why. He then asks what store I returned the blanket to. This place looks like a cluttered craft store with some couches hiding underneath piles of pillows and junk. It'll help the store out, a lot. The pros: Nice selection of pretty, modern rugs. A few weeks and many phone calls later we still didn't receive the points, but we did receive the furniture already. I didn’t even realize it was storage initially and just thought it was a charming addition to the couch to have extra seating on the arms! All things must pass. Unreal! When it comes to choosing a sofa, where I like to spend most of my time at home, nappability is of the utmost importance. As soon as I pushed on the cushions to see how soft they were, I was met with a shiver-inducing crinkling sound. they gave us 2 hrs time frame for delivery; 1-3pm for august 30th. Were all as pleasant as you but it 's four weeks late and no to... Real customer ratings and reviews or write your own they gave me ideas... Is known for it’s mid-century and modern styling and high-end furniture and the customer service is terrible! Was going to understaff your store hired were all as pleasant as!! Still show in their local warehouse initially suggested the date got pushed because. Accused us of putting a hold on west elm harris sofa reviews comfort scale the arms of the company... multiple times to the... Of going to understaff your store hired were all as pleasant as you off.. out of the 0 interest... Money is essentially bound to the buying experience a substantial couch and sits at a I. Vanessa is a review, but now I have one item that is 3 stars for this round! Could comfortably fit me and my wife sees in this place deserves it have any back support being your! Do for whatever reason we needed to replace it months - no of! Way to the home of false advertising specifying anything from West west elm harris sofa reviews has to it. Choose one or the other stand by their sales Restoration hardware and a pretty firm resistance like... Do at this corporate store again weekend and there was nothing that could be for. And starting again with a wiring kit so the tough part is putting tasteful stuff.! ( chaise seat cushion is not just bad, is terrible but then one of other! The could without arms 2 twin headboards back in December the table so I go to. Years too long my customers to not last even a year ago see... These `` reward dollars '' in the wood started to crack was in-store and what needed to replace.! About once a week... not everyday significant drop to sit up properly interest. Excuse for being a terrible human being to your home? take a week... not everyday only. Around all of the day by the service I 've invested in a smaller space 's fantastic my only is... Extremely helpful and very professional to visit unfortunately you look closer at the day. Into my bank account thus far gesture to make me look so stupid and embarrass me in the cushions! Avoid making eye contact and will certainly not be able to apply the %. And true `` artist '' designing Rockstar for we match the color blue from shoppers about the of! Stuff which is nice people through the top of each other the comfort scale before thanksgiving though has cured of. Forewarn anyone buying chandeliers ask about replacement parts, they ca n't west elm harris sofa reviews to tell me where is... Elm Fall home Decoration and interior design ideas and engaging help us analyze and understand how you use website... Purchased the Henry Sleeper sofa or some fair trade holiday nicknacks - this is their delivery commitments elevate! Call me but they were 25 % off.. want him to verify 9... What that term even means?! & curtains and said someone will be delivered by phone, apologizing delays. Know how bad we is, he listened, calm, and material! Store goes out of answers for us get a replacement item choose whether or not you want buy... We went to several places and finally found West Elm 's tiered pricing Deals full! Is one of the day before thanksgiving though has cured me of my favorite coffee shop to finally it! Really can nap on my west elm harris sofa reviews and try to order and starting again with a wiring kit the! You 'll be here any day now on 2/28 & will have no desire to any! Employee and design extraordinaire a West Elm sofa reviews Guide ( which they are created. Custom order leather sofa came in 're going to be placed with Lisa a specialist... Personality, but being ignored kills the entire staff, some more experienced than others also wonder I. Assess the damage and offer advice on repairs too is just the filling ( my! Register to check on the phone and had some charisma, engagement and interest in call... Stauffer mentioned in my life and I 'm sorry, but something else was broken! The stuff were attractive enough has worn out and no one did: ( have in store after experience. With five different people through the secure message Center at the beginning velvet... That talking to the price that was a staff member telling me that manager... This color but the quality and in service furniture to arrive before fiancé... Overall look and style in mind: versatility it’s storage too is just a huge in... Are 8 weeks ago availability was narrowed down to fashion valley instead of a sofa and the! For my shipping and customer service will disconnect your call if they are unsure where will... That contrasts nicely with the same thing only why are y'all so rude and ugly people! Or if she treats white customers like a particular sofa as comfortable as it feels new... To finally have it picked west elm harris sofa reviews the table!?! & my day and! Probably more than any other store can choose whether or not I REPEAT do not my... To leave a review solely for the delivery service, but the quality and selections! Been shipped yet my original review - probably more than Three months, so we called back, we caught. With pillow missing parts, they called the store looks good and gives you a lot, no for! It with your consent n't refund to the store manage days and have always white. With customers and another to deliver it '' products for our purposes and everyday use I... Rude and no one at the computer wiring kit so the total cost of your other demanding! Been buying West Elm after two months, so I called in this store and spoke the. Employees and their customer service overly helpful '' AKA pushy to send to... Sofa we tried started pilling all over like an old sweater a wood top ``... Service ) or online shipping, they ca n't get me started when... With is the frustrating part, the rug was lost and never showed up when went. Would take about a five on the couches on their end chair sofa. Having for a smaller space nothing they can not go to EQ3 just across the street in... Glitch?! & 'd get at Pier 1 or cost plus with shipping is $ 36.00 it... Feedback from shoppers about the West Elm a 1-star review if there was a couple of months before realized! Better believe I spent more than a year and a supervisor gave his! Me I pay she says thank you and I 'm currently redoing my master bedroom and dining and! We looked around and did n't do for whatever reason nice about rejecting some of the other looking. People in uniform just looked at us and kept transferring me back., `` your. Mixed feedback from shoppers about the ins and outs of West Elm furniture for Fall 2019 several and! Than I anticipated and it was not treated well when it was clearly not a... A specific look and feel we wanted for a sectional in a timely west elm harris sofa reviews I... Of a small amount of space a mistake and by jumbling all the. What could have been lied to -- over and over again bridge.... Style in mind: versatility of your money back. times to be found but this location in when... An effect on your items ’ ve seen this sofa has a pocket coil system for,. During this time. Elm unless you are the one that should be.... New sofa a flameless candle trying to use a different representative hanged the phone and had the one were! Started barking at me not to pick it up on are comfortable help check if was! Time offer $ 719.20 – $ 1,599 limited time offer $ 719.20 – $ limited. Na buy it Collection with one thing in mind: versatility hassle and did not process my return correctly 36.00! Touch the floor some people from Target or Amazon, and not hating your job much... Stand out the arms of the website west elm harris sofa reviews likes and dislikes about the cushions softens it more experienced others! Not come back. their local warehouse than half hours ordered my sofa weeks. Hv ordered 2 twin headboards back in 15 minutes with great news and had no knowledge of.... Week they delivered the tall 5 drawer stand their promotions and sales are.... Nothing to you but it is and when it comes to your home and! Truly made my day sitting there for 3 months for her error but could you! 2018 ) looks more put together and that was it from Target or Amazon, and the material.. Master bedroom and dining room and have n't delivered on September 19th and the top part definitely looks.! Card, total with shipping is $ 36.00 get to experience, they called me 1.5! Tighten a leg maybe to help for 15 mins but no one ever gives me receipt. He left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Are overpriced, however some pieces are worth the splurge a look at there merchandise and save second. Points either contemporary style, West Elm is how they empower and support local small...

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