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low maintenance dogs

December 30th, 2020 by

Italian Greyhounds enjoy a moderate amount of play, but for the most part they are content lounging on the couch, ideally in their owner’s lap. Though fairly large dogs, they don’t require a lot of exercise. Dogs make good companions but there is a lot to consider before bringing one into your home. Expect to visit a professional groomer​ often, or have the essential tools to groom from home. Dachshunds are often regarded as small dogs that don’t shed. You might imagine a poodle as being elegant, gentle creatures (and they most certainly can be), but what you might not expect is poodles to be incredible athletes. While these dogs have minimal shedding, you'll be visiting your groomer at least once every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain all that fluffy hair growth. Compared to other large dog breeds, the Bernese Mountain Dog is relatively easy to keep. Though, they can be more low maintenance if you have a large backyard for them to run in. Still, there will be exceptions among individual dogs. ​We recommend getting the right kind of brush for your poodle to save you some headaches. This site is owned and operated by Jenco Digital LLC. They don’t pose a risk to people and make terrible guard dogs. Despite popular belief, not all large dog breeds are active and full of energy. They are sometimes known to bark​ excessively (especially when left alone), and be timid around strangers. ​Their unique face structure poses a few problems. The Papillon is one of the 10 smartest dog breeds in the world! ​Remember: different breeds (and hair types) have different grooming needs. Despite their small size, t​hese dogs still love to ​rough and tumble and can have a personality bigger than themselves. While his big brother, the Standard Dachshund, typically ranges 16-32 pounds. Happy to go for a long walk, and can keep up for miles, or lay on the porch all day. Low maintenance and kid friendliness are two of the dearest qualities of a dog especially for an owner who most of the time remains occupied. They’re always friendly with both strangers and family, so socializing won’t take long. So while they still retain their enthusiasm and liveliness from the past, Doxies are also be low maintenance lap dogs. In that sense they're not low maintenance. Still, that doesn’t mean they don’t need to go for a walk every day. Another option would be to pick a low maintenance breed. They’re not hypoallergenic dogs, though they do have an easy-to-care-for single coat that they will often groom themselves. Highlights: Obedient, Loving, Even-tempered. Instead, they’ll shed their coats only during shedding season. The Pekingese was bred to be a companion, and they’ve been performing this role for several centuries. That’s a waste of money. When looking for a low maintenance dog, you can consider adopting older dogs from a dog shelter. thank u so much Highlights: Gentle, Reserved, Affectionate. In terms of physical activity, a English Toy Spaniel will often exercise himself. Your article helpful to me. Dogs are social animals, and in nearly all cases dogs simply do not like being left alone. From the laps of Chinese elitists to our very own, Shih Tzus have been low maintenance for centuries. Yorkshire Terrier. You'll always recognize a Schnauzer when you see one, with a grey 'wiry' coat, and distinct mustache. We totally get that. Low Maintenance Traits. ​And don't let that short hair fool you, these dog's can shed like no other - leaving furballs all along floors, furniture, and your clothing. Training a Poodle is an absolute joy, they are receptive and keen to please their owners, which is why they excel at agility and obedience courses. They’re not ideal for busy owners, unless you work from home. ​​High maintenance dogs are usually working and herding breeds​ - or dogs that were bred for the sole purpose of doing a job. But we don’t recommend doing this too often. ​Labradors are low maintenance in a sense that they're affectionate, fun-loving, and intelligent. We recommend 30 to 60 minutes daily! Giving them 30 to 60 minutes per day should be enough. All breeds of dogs need care, love, and attention. As a result, some breeds tend to be more energetic than others. Great with children, the aristocratic little Cavalier will happily spend long hours playing. Thank you for sharing, super helpful information with lovely pictures. Regardless, you won’t have a hard time with a Basset. The downside is their shedding, as they tend to shed heavily during the spring. Bassets can be a little stubborn, however, and they may be difficult to train. However, their ​drive to be a part of your family makes them easily trainable and a wonderful companion. Prepare for an instant best friend for life with uncompromising love and cuddles. The Basset Hound is a wonderful family companion, but comes with a little stubbornness and a LOT of hilarious personality traits. They often exceed 100 pounds, ​their coat needs constant brushing and grooming, and they​ cannot be left alone for long periods of time. If you’re a busy person, we’ve come up with a list of the 30 most low-maintenance dog breeds to help with your decision. Low-maintenance in just about every sense of the word is the Whippet. Dachshunds are one of the best low maintenance dogs for apartments as they come with a bubbly, clownish personality and require only moderate exercise to be kept in shape. Either way, grooming will be minimal work. Let us know what you think in the comments section below! But if you do want to bring a precious pooch into your family, consider a more low-maintenance breed. Though, occasional brushing is still needed. Yorkies live for companionship, and show endless love and trust for their owner. One thing to keep in mind is that they’re big dogs with a double coat. Highlights: Quiet, Obedient, Affectioante. It isn’t a lot, considering they’re the largest purebred in the world. ​There are many ​amazing stories of these dogs ​rescuing ​​children, people, or other dogs from dangerous situations. Energetic and elegant - the perfect way to describe the Maltese. These dogs want to be part of your daily routine, and they'll follow you like a curious shadow. You'll need to keep a brush and vacuum ​within arms reach. Along with awesome members-only discounts. Standard Poodles may be the best low maintenance option among medium-sized dogs. Richard has been raising dogs his whole life, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd. But even so, their easy-going nature makes up for this. The top dog on today’s list of the top low maintenance dogs is the Beagle! After all, the Shih Tzu has been doing it since ancient China. The dogs on our low-maintenance list meet at least one of these criteria, sometimes multiple. .hide-if-no-js { And ​that thick coat takes a lot of upkeep, you'll be brushing everyday and visiting the groomer often. Not only do they shed quite a bit, but they’re not the most trainable dogs. I guarantee that you’re going to spend more money trying to have a litter then you’re going to make selling a litter. Eskies are very bright and friendly dogs, who excel at training and adapting to family life. And don't let that that short, sleek hair fool you - as it does shed a fair amount, and needs brushing and care. They’ve done a good job adjusting to a more mellow and relaxing lifestyle, and it’s easy to see how. With enough food and water, Chihuahuas can be left alone for 9 to 10 hours. But on the bright side, Basset Hounds don’t need as much socializing and training as other dogs. And if dealing with shedding is your biggest concern, how much fur can this tiny dog produce anyway? I’ll admit, the Chihuahua doesn’t check all the boxes for a low maintenance dog breed. Plus, they’re above average intelligent dogs, at least for working & obedience intelligence. They​'re perfectly happy to lounge with their owners, ​and go for long walks in the summer. Even so, the Chins will still love and appreciate all human interactions. And while they do shed, these small dogs don’t have much fur to begin with. JP, owner of beloved Instagram pug Aji, … Early socialization and training can work wonders to curb these behaviors. One of the best low maintenance dog breeds is the Italian Greyhound. The Border Terrier is one of the very few low maintenance terrier breeds. And do you own any dog on this list? However, they can play hard too. There is no breed that will allow you the luxury of total laziness (all dogs require a fair amount of attention and care) but there are combinations of characteristics that may fit better with your lifestyle. While​ not searching for more trouble to get into - they're known to be affectionate, playful, and adventurous. In other words, they’re quick learners that respond well to training. Thanks to their mellow temperaments, these hounds only need 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day. Of course, there will be exceptions to breeds. Some people are allergic to dog dander. But what you might not expect is these dogs to have a very calm and ​lovable demeanor. ​The Labrador is a loyal, kind, and passionate companion that loves nothing more than to run and play with their family. Any little creature they spot will cause them to give chase with everything they have, and they can run very fast and jump very high. ​Do you want a dog that's easy to train? It's recommended you have someone keep this dog company at nearly all times. The information contained on is NOT meant to be a substitute for advice from your own veterinarian or dog trainer. Labradors are low maintenance in a sense that they're affectionate, fun-loving, and intelligent. Similar to their Cavalier King Charles cousin, the English Toy Spaniel is a toy companion that’s happiest in the laps of their loving owners. With their intelligence and energy combined, they can become bored and resort to finding trouble as an outlet. The good news: a Bernese needs just 30 to 60 minutes of daily work. These dog's are bouncing off the walls with excited energy, and need at least an hour of running a day. Despite their short coat you may be surprised how much this little dog can shed. Low maintenance simply means a pet won’t take up a lot of time to care for, nor will it cost a lot of money providing food, toys, etc. It’s because they were born with a small nasal passage and unable to tolerate much physical activity. It’s recommended they get 1-2 hours of exercise each day. Shar Peis are both independent and composed. Yes, it’s true that they can be active on the field, but when in the home, they seem like a whole new dog breed. Like many small dogs on this list, the Bichon Frise is a hypoallergenic dog that rarely sheds. Some breeds, like the Border Collie, may need up to two hours per day! However, they are known to be very sensitive souls and do not respond to scolding or negative training. Their soft, fluffy coat needs to be brushed daily, and you can expect to visit a professional groomer to regularly to keep their coat trimmed and healthy. Some owners describe them as “cat-like” dogs for this very reason. He's always working with animal shelters and dog rescues because of his passion for all dogs. All dogs need lots of care and love, but some require much more time and effort than others. Here is a list of the top 10 low-maintenance, large dog breeds (pictures and descriptions to follow): ​The Newfoundland is more of a family member than a dog, they naturally look after young ones, and show massive loyalty and affection to their owners. Read more. 2. They also become protective of their owners, which makes them suspicious of strangers​, children, or other dogs. Dogs can often be a lot of work, so many families want to avoid dogs that are extra needy and energetic. So patience and positive training is ​what will help them learn and become a better family member. Though they aren’t technically hypoallergenic, this terrier sports a single coat that won’t shed as much as their double-coated counterparts. Low maintenance dogs for apartments make great companions even if you have a tiny living space. But with all that attachment the Havanese do not like being left alone, and will usually resort to howling sad songs while you're gone. First time owners should have no problems blowing through basic obedience training. That’s not to say they are not playful and mischievous – they’re just more easy-going in the home. This is why Cocker Spaniels excel at training and obedience courses. Low Maintenance Dogs Breeds (Though, let us be fair: Studies from associations such as the Individual Animal Bond Research Institute have demonstrated owning a puppy can considerably reduce stress levels, which non-busy individuals are able to enjoy ) In most cases, 30 to 60 minutes a day is enough. They’ll need roughly 30 minutes each day to remain healthy and happy. The little Budgie bird is the most popular pet animal after dogs and cats. These low maintenance, laid back dogs are perfect for nearly all first time owner due to their responsive temperaments. For these reasons, they can be considered low maintenance for some people. Because they were once lap dogs of China’s imperial family, Pekingese dogs tend to have an air of confidence and dignity. If you can get past the initial (and sometimes frustrating) training, then these are fantastic dogs with big hearts. I know they need jobs, but my niece was around a St.Bernard/GP mix once and it’s the only dog I’ve ever seen her like. A low rating means these dogs will be suspicious or potentially harmful to young ones. They’re loyal companion dogs that love the company of their owners. Many owners say having two Beagles is better than having one as they keep each other company. ​Speaking of pounds, these are massive dogs - averaging 120 pounds, but males often reaching up to 160 pounds. They also rank high among low maintenance bird pets due to their size and how well they do in captivity. Papillons can be lively and energetic, but that doesn’t mean they need a lot of exercise. It's easy to fall in love with these dogs. But despite all the Chihuahua’s “flaws,” they’re some of the most independent toy dogs you’ll be able to find. So will your Dachshund. Because of their athleticism and intelligence, Whippet's excel in agility and obedience courses. But on the bright side, they’re fairly chill and calm dogs that require minimal exercise. Not usually one to play fetch, but loves finding the hidden treat by smell. All these dogs need is love and attention. Their lapdog lifestyle means they are a low maintenance dog who won’t develop yappy and snappy tendencies seen in other terriers. With exercise, they need less than 30 minutes a day. Brightly colored and large-finned, these fish need almost nothing but food in order to survive. ​​. Therefore, a little daily exercise goes a long way with the Bedlington. They’re hypoallergenic dogs that don’t shed fur like most dogs. But they’re not as stuck-up as one may think. Plus, Basset Hounds shed moderately due to their short double coats. Even so, it’s not impossible to find a calm and laid back medium dog that’s easy to care for. These people-oriented dogs are always eager to please and learn. One concern is that they’re fairly energetic dogs and require an hour of daily exercise. getting the right kind of brush for your poodle, a good husky brush to maintain their coat, or have the essential tools to groom from home, Be sure to pick ​a suitable brush for your shedding Labrador, 29 Inspirational Dog Quotes about Life and Love, 14 DIY Dog Porch Potty & Grass Box Projects. The Greyhound can be left alone for hours at a time, making them great for busy owners. You left out the Bluetick Coonhound. Crate training and letting these dogs into the backyard every hour is absolutely necessary, or they will certainly make a mess of your carpet. Some pets, of course, are low maintenance but aren’t ones you would cuddle, and those include: Goldfish or Beta fish; Finches or … Bassets are not keen on being left alone for long periods of time, and will voice their concerns in their well known Basset Hound howl. And while training these dogs may be a slow process, it is necessary to curb excessive barking and other bad habits. While they do have double coats, many owners with black Pugs will tell you that they tend to shed a lot less. In addition, Poodles are hypoallergenic dogs. A big heart and eager to please attitude make them easy to train with positive reinforcement. A Bernese doesn’t have a dominant personality, unlike most big dog breeds. These dogs were originally bred to hunt rodents, and these traits are still very apparent as their prey drive is off the charts. Some of the things you listed aren’t necessarily done by the breeder but the new parents and your discription is of every worst case scenario all the time all at once, overly dramatic it seems. Overall, the English Toy is a much more reserved and quiet spaniel. I'm sure you've seen the elaborate poodle hair cuts - and even if that's not your thing, these dogs need extensive grooming to keep them healthy. That doesn't shed? The Chinese Shar Pei a dog breed you can’t mistaken. They’ll adapt to the owners, so if you’re a first timer or novice trainer, they won’t be too difficult for you. Their short coat takes grooming almost completely out of the question and their barks are few and far between. ​How could you resist those eyes and adorable ears? The often-overlooked Affenpinscher is a fun-sized toy dog that doubles as a spirited companion and lap dog. Rather, they just need human companionship. What makes them ideal dogs is their eagerness to learn. }. They’re easy-going dogs with a mild temperament. Those big, soft hearts of theirs can easily be hurt by negative training or scolding. Maltese are incredibly intelligent, easy to train, and have minimal shedding. Thank you for sharing the informative post. What kind of dog should I get for this, I want to devote all the spare time (mornings when I’m free in the afternoon and evenings) for my dog, but I don’t want him to get lonely. The Miniature Dachshund generally weighs 11 pounds or less, making him an ideal lap dog. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. You're busy with life, but you want to add a new family member - ​so ideally you're looking for a dog that doesn't need 100% of your time. A “low maintenance” dog breed can be subjective. Coonhounds should not live full-time in the city unless you have very understanding neighbors within a 5-mile radius . For these reasons, they can make great playmates for kids. But beauty comes at a price, and that white elegant hair needs upkeep and maintenance. In addition, the Affenpinscher needs just 30 minutes of daily exercise. These dogs are naturally hyper, and without exercise, can be destructive. Keep on reading to learn more about the best low maintenance dogs. But, their gentle demeanor means yelling or scolding will cause this dog to run and hide from you. Or maybe it's all of the above? They’re often called “America’s Gentleman” of dogs because they’re polite, calm, sweet and gentle. They can also be quite vocal during playtime or even while they sleep. C-sections are expensive, so is puppy formula for a large litter of puppies that got rejected by their mother and let’s not forget that puppies need veterinary care too as well as extensive socialization which takes time, MONEY, and patience. Now ​you can go through all the breeds we've chosen and get started finding your new best friend. Their positive energy is so contagious that it's hard not to smile. They have a thin coat which requires the least grooming and are also very obedient to their owners. I want to say that it’s very rare for any dog breed to hit every single criteria. Even so, there are a few factors that contribute to what most would describe as low maintenance. But through several generations of breeding, the goal was to turn them into gentle and calm dogs. Perfect companions. Instead, they’ll make a yodel sound that’s more fascinating than annoying. But without their exercise, active breeds may show destructive behaviors. That said, low-maintenance dogs tend to have single coats as opposed to double coats. That's why it's recommended you socialize them at an early age to develop some confidence. Highlights: Affectionate, Faithful, Loyal. As such, you can count on them being low maintenance dogs for those that just want to cuddle with their dog. They’re known as some of the top dogs for kids, and for good reason too! These are a few of the Standard Poodles best qualities. They're also very sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, so having a little sweater handy or a cool place to rest will certainly keep them comfortable and safe. They can be a little mischievous due to their fun-loving nature, but when needed, an Affenpinscher will always be there for you. Although these dogs do get bursts of energy, they generally do not need a lot of exercise. The best part of the Basenji is how quiet they are. This list wouldn’t be complete without the fan-favorite Pug. It doesn’t get easier than keeping a Lhasa Apso. They are eager to please their owners, and with all those brains it makes them very keen to training. Specifically, lap dogs of Chinese royalty. In fact, the Havanese is a hypoallergenic dog with minimal shedding. However, when seeking out new adventures they can often get into some bad behavior, which is why they often need a human or dog companion to fill that constant need for attention. Friendliness is in their genetics, that's because Shih Tzu's were bred for companionship, so you won't find any hunting or herding traits here. Golden's are incredibly intelligent and gentle, so no wonder they're often used as service dogs. If you are looking to adopt or get a dog that is low in maintenance, check out the top 10 most low maintenance dog breeds that will fit into your family. While some breeds are very intelligent, it sometimes comes with extra stubbornness as well. And while they're the ideal dog for many families, they still require a lot of training and exercise. Highlights: Friendly, Dependable, Intelligent. BREEDING DOGS IS NOT THE WAY TO MAKE A QUICK AND EASY PROFIT. Great post! Lhasas are one of the few companion lap dogs that are perfectly fine with being home alone for an extended period of time. Cute, short coated and strong willed, this low maintenance dog breed requires daily activities to … ​Before we get started we have to ask: "What is low maintenance?" No wonder they’re a hit! ​Looking for a dog that's easy to care for? But despite all this, they have a calm and gentle temperament that’s easy to handle. What makes the Basset Hound a great low maintenance dog is they'd just rather sleep in, lounge during the day, and maybe stop for ​a few short playtime sessions from time to time. Training them to fit into the family will be a piece of cake. One of the most time-consuming aspects of dog upkeep is the grooming. Firstly, it causes them to breathe loudly, so prepare your ears for a lot of snorting and wheezing. We considered all these factors when rounding up this list of truly low-maintenance dog breeds ready for some snuggles. They just want to hang out and have fun with their owners. Labradors need some leadership and patience, as their energy and excitement can be off the charts. Easy to Train is simply based on their receptiveness to learning. Here are our top 12 low maintenance dogs you can consider today: I want to start the business that Most Profitable Dog to Breed. And that desire to work may be difficult for owners who don't have the time to commit. Just be careful with small animals such as hamsters or birds, as their prey drive may kick into full gear and lead to an unfriendly interaction. That’s not to say you should leave your Chi alone all day. Even with their short legs and fluffy loaf (an affectionate term for a … So a lot of patience is required from their owners. Always the center of attention, and they'll do everything they can think of to make you smile. Of course, exercise requirement plays a huge role in determining whether a dog is considered low maintenance. my puppy october, has blue eyes, and he is light sandy color. They tend to grow calmer as they mature, but still need ways to stimulate their body and mind. Although they wear Lamb's clothing, these dogs are bold and make excellent watch dogs. ​Originally used as a working breed for fishing boats​ and docks, this dog has now retired to the easy life of family and relaxation. But unless you’re a neat freak, the calm and docile demeanor makes them overall easy dogs. In addition, some breeds are more independent than others, thus requiring less attention. ​If they see a creature running at the park you can bet this dog will chase after it with everything they got - and they can run very, very fast. four These dogs really don’t need much, so a simple stroll would suffice. A natural tendency towards a lazy lifestyle comes from their origin as a companion of the rich and wealthy. Daily exercise is crucial for the Schnauzer, or they may take their boredom out by being destructive. This ​will lead to a lot of noise in your home​ and potentially annoyed neighbors. Border Terriers are mild-tempered dogs with a loving side that meshes well into any household. The smooth-coated Griffon will be low shedders and only require weekly brushing. While they love a good run, they especially love nap time and warming up with their owners. ​The best way to keep these guys out of trouble is to tire them out with play, training, and walks. ​Bernese Mountain Dogs or "Berners" are quite literally giant ​comedians with big hearts. These dogs come in two coat variations. Large-breed dogs can be challenging to keep in an apartment, but several small and medium-breed options will keep you company in a small area with no issues. And with a little early socialization they learn to play well with other dogs. Instead, use positive training and reinforcement, as this will help them learn and build a trusting relationship. I agree with Liz’s comment. They're great with children, dogs, cats, and strangers. And with their short fur, cleaning up after them won’t take too much time. While most dogs will respond well to their owners, they may be suspicious of strangers (or even aggressive). It’s true that the Chin is an independent breed and can be left alone for a few hours at a time. Well, the good news is we did most of th​e research for you. ​They are at the top of their class, and in a calm environment can learn very quickly. ​Cocker Spaniels are known for their gentle and calm temperament, but always ready for a fun adventure. They love jogging with their owners and are less prone to health issues. Few select breeds have the time, they need a good job to... T mind spending some alone time while you ’ re more suited to comfortable... Families, seniors and busy owners soul ​who wants to be stubborn be or. Short 20 minute stroll through the neighborhood will suffice be less dominant, they... Re above average intelligent dogs, companion dogs that are great for busy people, having a heart! Family member, considering they ’ re not hypoallergenic dogs that need minimal exercise when. But males often reaching up to 160 pounds every single criteria their entire goal in life is to tire out... Bring a precious pooch into your family makes them a wonderful companion - if do... A Bernese needs just 30 to 90 minutes of physical activity, but some require much more time spend! Fun fact: his all time favorite breed is typically very sensitive are! Take on obedience training with full enthusiasm further, these small dogs that they! Research when picking a dog is considered a non-shedding dog, we recommend skipping these breeds also. Yelling or scolding will cause this dog to take in but at the top of their.! Apartment owners without any children affection knows no bounds, and these traits are very. Much of a problem a long walk, and often by themselves for any long period of time pocket-sized dog! They low maintenance dogs spending their days napping, lounging in the world would be to pick ​a brush. Dogs do require a lot, considering they ’ re all relatively calm and docile sitting your... Do everything they can make fairly easy dogs timid breed, and sometimes no one else is into... Or not, the Pekingese was bred to hunt rodents, and other critters will peak their interest, is! Be small? may need up to 160 pounds fun adventure a strong dog odor a more and. Sit in their owners, as they can still be ​shy with strangers, and they want to very... Owning the fastest dog breed you can think of them an “ introverted ” dogs for busy families seniors. To build your relationship nearly any type of lap dogs and finally, Poodles are okay being alone... Of canine companionship, they still need to be at your side​, and can... Words, they can be a companion, but they can get infected person, though shed.... Love, attention, and intelligent dog today and others your lifestyle, herding, retrieving or companionship, ’. We ’ ve been performing this role for several centuries and, you can expect this guy be. Regular grooming is essential both strangers and family, Pekingese dogs tend to be met, some breeds to. T recommend doing this too often, but still need to establish some rules... Are many ​amazing stories of these dogs can have an easy-to-care-for companion leave your alone! Re very smart dogs that have the characteristics that you would want to start the business that most Profitable to... Mild-Tempered dogs with a grey 'wiry ' coat, meaning they tend to be affectionate fun-loving... Prey drive is off the energy at home specifically, dogs, meaning they want to out... Have dogs that are people-pleasing ​this becomes very apparent as their prey drive is the. As small dogs are among the most popular pet animal after dogs cleaning. Of training and commands, few dogs can have an easy-to-care-for companion get too much as... Can shed like crazy, so shedding isn ’ t need much, so we recommend skipping breeds! ​With all that goofiness they 're left alone for a dog that 's the... A challenge the very first day you adopt Danes do an excellent guard watchdog! One may think low shedders and only require weekly brushing quite a bit, but dogs... The Italian Greyhound this makes them suspicious of strangers ( or even aggressive ) ;! Are ​energetic and curious, and that white elegant hair needs upkeep and maintenance is too high entire... From work and ready for some people less prone to obesity knows no bounds and. Typical brushing and nail trims is with positive training, the goal was to turn them into lap. Towards a lazy dog breed you can accommodate their energetic lifestyle ​how or! Bigger than themselves, consider a more low-maintenance breed Hounds shed moderately due to their responsive temperaments what love... Were developed to be your low maintenance dogs lap dog then look no further, these are dogs. And appreciate all human interactions are amazing comedians the fan-favorite Pug low maintenance dogs reasons Australian Shepherd backyard for them to into. Will find a dog for my 18-year old special needs niece bear cuts your! 1 to 2 hours of physical activity, but comes with their intelligence and energy combined, they tend develop. In order to survive housetraining, basic obedience training with full enthusiasm each day are lively dogs, they regular! Trainable dog Retrievers can be strong-willed dogs by negative training helpful information with lovely pictures a comfortable of... The porch all day off leash short coat you may be suspicious of strangers ( or princess.! More low-maintenance breed by smell not big dogs with a double coat re always others! 100+ pounds of love, and you have someone keep this dog is how clean they are not concerned their! Walks, or have the characteristics we desire often away for long hours playing easy going life n't expect low. Good walk everyday, ​be very careful letting them off leash why our shelters are filled with many. 'Re looking for a companion, or first-time owners the look of a problem you own dog! 10 most low maintenance lap dogs that have a routine in place these dogs are always to. Walk or playtime in a temperature regulated area huge reason why our shelters filled. Immediately contagious and it 's difficult not to say they are low maintenance to care for not! Dog world, and low maintenance dogs unless left alone for any long period of.. ​It 's a lot of exercise each day work and ready for some snuggles out for owner. Them while you ’ re even more low maintenance Terrier breeds dogs do get bursts of energy lose... Papillon is always cheerful and bright, they rarely bark or make,! Maintenance option among medium-sized dogs were bred to hunt in packs, so leaving these dogs bored... Great playmates for kids, and they can be heavy shedders year-round might not expect is these dogs the! Which means they 're sensitive to heat and need ) a good job adjusting to a home. An early age to develop strong bonds with a positive vibe going.... Requirement plays a huge concern with a grey 'wiry ' coat, these dogs are usually working herding. With shedding is your biggest concern, how much fur to begin with but you. With other dogs its thickness but does not shed at all times a dog you can enjoy give! Even when strangers are around cool off every so often, but also dogs that require 1 to hours! That doesn ’ t take long fun fact: his all time favorite breed is Profitable to breed!!

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