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giant schnauzer rescue uk

December 30th, 2020 by

Age …, lovely home offered in Lancashire-10.06.16 10/06/17 My name's Missie. Many tears dog rescue always have a number of mini schnauzers for rehoming - see …, Couple looking to adopt a Miniature Schnauzer 30/03/15 She lives alone in a lovely house with a safe …. He's been assessed by a qualified dog behaviourist and has …, Loving home waiting for a schnauzer  7.8.15 We are very reluctantly looking to re-home our 7 year old female mini as we are moving somewhere we cannot keep her. Family in hampshire looking to offer a home to a mini schnauzer , male or female. I had him 11 years, beautiful dogs, lovely home offered Norfolk, after loss of Jazz, Jan 2020 I am looking to adopt a schnauzer, my precious little girl has just gone over the rainbow bridge and I would love to find another friend and companion. I am interested in adopting a schnauzer male or female. Just to clarify …, Home for a Rescue Mini Schnauzer in Cumbria Not rated yet6.3.13 we are looking for a miniature schnauzer .we lost our georgie at 16 years old a few years back and are retired now so would love …, Miniature Schnauzer puppy seeks home My daughter has a 15 week old Miniature Schnauzer called Angus. …. I have two boys 12 and 15 yrs and a lovely big garden. She is home the …, Female Sasha 8-y-old mini in North Wales needs new home 14.11.16 Hi we inherited Sasha my mum's mini schnauzer two years ago but sadly we now need to rehome. I’m in Plymouth and happy to travel if needed. home offered near Manchester 09/12/17 Hi, we have schnauzer experience and are looking for a schnauzer of any age or type to join our family in family in Salford, Manchester. We are now living in N. Ireland and would love to adopt another Giant …, Lovely home offered with another Schnauzer, Surrey, Jan 19 I live in Bookham, Nr Leatherhead, Surrey and a friend/neighbour of mine, who also owns a 10 year old Miniature Schnauzer, is looking to rehome another …, Offering Forever Home for older mini - beach & countryside & comfy sofa, Jan 19 I live in Gower, County of Swansea, Wales and lost my last beloved Giant Scooby who died at 15yrs old. Loving Home offered Isle of Wight I have …, Black Standard Schnauzer needs new home 16th September 12012 rescue 1 or 2 mini schnauzers! The Isle of Wight is great for walks on the beach …, Just lost our mini - looking for another 9th May, 2016 I live in my own house by myself …, Need a home for our 5yr old mini schnauzer 15.04.18 Looking to rehome our miniature schnauzer due to a change in work circumstances. Nov '19 We are looking to offer a home to mature mini as company for our 12yr old female We lost our 14yr old a few months ago and think Heike would like a companion. Our rehoming centres aren’t open for public browsing but you can still make an appointment to adopt or bring a dog to us. We live in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. 19.11.15 Forever loving home waiting in Renfrewshire for a Male Mini we lost our dog 2 years ago and its left a massive hole in our hearts. We would like to be considered for adopting a female miniature Schnauzer, in the Staffordshire area, England. And on Friday 4th January 2013 I advertised 2 Miniatures to be rehomed. Missing the fun and company. 9 year old intelligent, healthy male needs a loving home as his owner has passed away. 22/11/20 Loving home offered for a mini schnauzer / schnoodle in Sheffield Two schnauzers in the pound, …, Seeking schnauzer companion, Sussex, 05.10.17 I am looking to adopt a miniature schnauzer of 5 years + . Preferably a female. We therefore feel that …, Penny Schnauzer seeks another Schnauzer chum, Lincs 19.08.18 Hello We are based in West Sussex and have a 7 year old miniature schnauzer for re homing. I feel I can no longer take on a pup and no longer …. We had a baby at the end of 2017 and unfortunately …, Experienced home offered for one or two schnauzers, Somerset 01.12.18 Seeking a miniature Schnauzer through rescue. We …, Wanted Miniature Schnauzer 12/05/15 Rossett That being said we have always …, Loving home for miniature next to Bournemouth Beach April 2019 I am looking to rehome a miniature little lad passed last June 14 years old. Our …, Home offered for schnauzer-standard/miniature -NOTTS -UK Jan 2020 Hi ,I have owned Schnauzers in the past and found them to be a great dog Due to sad circumstances and the illness of our son we …, Lovely home in Sussex offered 09.01.16 We live in Tyne & Wear. We have been thinking for a while to add another mini to our brood. I am looking for standard or giant He has a large garden and takes his responsibilities …, Looking to rescue a Mini Schanauzer for our grieving Norfolk Terrier 18.9.13 I have owned two schnauzers before and love the breed. Retired owners so home all …, 5* home required for two wonderful miniature Schnauzers 24.08.17 It's with a sad heart that I am looking to rehome my two loyal miniature Schnauzers. Hi we are a family of three that live in Hertfordshire in the UK. Based in Lancashire. I am looking to rescue a Miniature Schnauzer, preferrably 1 to 2 years old. At home all …, Loving home offered for mature Schnauzer, Devon 8.8.18 We would very much like a Schnauzer dog, my husband and I are both in our sixties and really can’t manage a puppy anymore, but we’d desperately love to …, Our world is empty without our Molly, South coast home offered 02.08.18  We lost our dear Mini Shnauzer end of June 2018 to a second bout of Pancratits ( even with a low fat diet ) - would dearly love to offerr our loving …, Looking for a schnauzer to join our family, Oxon 31/7/18 We are looking for a young schnauzer to join our family. …, looking for a mature mini schnauzer 16thNov2012 We are quite happy to take …, Home offered for Standard Schnauzer 30.12.15 We are experienced dog-people, …, five-year-old female mini needs new home  13/03/15 Due to a road traffic accident I am no longer able to provide My four year old giant schnauzer with the daily exercise he needs., Lottie, young female mini, still looking for a new home 23.05.18 We are looking to find a new home for our 2.5 year old miniature schnauzer, Lottie. Just type.Please be sure to include the date at the beginning and your name (first names are fine) and your town and then county. old Chocolate Lab. Would look after …. Breeds in this group are specialists in their work. 08.08.18 We are a retired couple looking to adopt a minature schnauzer,we had a beautiful little rescue dog called Billie but sadly we lost her recently,we would …, Home offered for a mini after loss of ours,Surrey Hills 05.09.18 We are looking to re home a mini as we lost our little mini rescue a few months ago. We are experienced pet owners and would love to provide a loving, …, home offered in Surrey 13.04.17 Hello, ideally I would like a black miniature schnauzer, perferably a boy. As the owner of 2 minis (one a rehome) I would love to rehome more but can't at the moment however I am aware that there are a number of peope …, Home offered for older Schnauzer as companion, Essex  21/8/13 We have 2 children, one is 14 and the other 17 We live in a rural setting. Hello - I am hoping to rescue a standard schnauzer. He is a lovely calm fun dog who …, Home offered, North Wakes Mike M Buckley North Wales. …, Nuts about Minis - home waiting 03.04.16 Hi, We live near Coventry and looking for an older Miniature Schnauzer as a companion for our 3 year old "Sailor". I have been left the responsibility of looking after my late mother's pet. We have a loving home for a schnauzer to be rescued to. 29.12.15 We are looking for a mini Schnauzer to join our family, we have 2 teenage children and a friendly Dog and have fallen for Schnauzers as we put …, Lost our beautiful schnauzer, now offering a home, Leics 26.08.16 This breed are great companions, very loyal and loving. looking for a giant Not rated yet24.12.14 Explore 5 listings for Giant schnauzer for sale UK at best prices. I'm sadly looking for a home for my boy Zeus. She is 8 years old, friendly and very lively and loves her …, Looking for companion for my Mini Schnauzer following bereavement 04.11.16 I live in Trowbridge in Wiltshire, and have a house with garden. They were from …, Anonymous 'Home In Bury' Hi. Please contact me on 07710151247. The Giant Schnauzer Club. It is a BIG commitment for all involved. I have a 4 & 5 year old who he has …, REHOMED!! We are looking to rehome a schnauzer... ideally not a puppy. We have lots of time, love and space to take care of a new addition in our …, home offered for standard schnauzer  November, 2015. She would love to give an older schnauzer a loving peacful home. She was poorly socialised as a puppy and possibly neglected so is now very nervous around …, We'dlove to offer a home to a lovely Mini Schnauzer, Glasgow 13.11.17 We've recently lost our adored Mini Schnauzer after 11 wonderful years, and would love to share our home with another. We are looking to rehome our beautiful 7 year old miniature schnauzer Dixie. We would like to rehome a rescue standard Schnauzer, offering many years' experience …, Love to rescue a miniature female schnauzer, Warwickshire Sept 2020 Location Warwickshire England. Unfortunately we lost Dill, our 18 year old Battersea rescue, in August. Hi im julie from leicestershire and im looking for a companion for my 4yr old mini shnauzer kenzie.hes been heartbroken since he lost his companion …, Looking for a friend for Sailor 28.11.15 She's spayed - would want a neutered …, I want to rehome a mini schnauzer or Schnoodle. I've had one before and love this breed. we live in bournemouth dorset We live in Ibiza, we had a cross giant Schnauzer for 13 years, unfortunately he recently deceased. We live in south London between three parks, have a private garden and I am an experienced …, Looking for another mini schnauzer in London 03.01.17 looking for a mini schnauzer to be a companion for my present mini schnauzer (Lizzie)...preferably not a puppy, and female. Rescue and Rehoming. Lucy is spayed, Lottie …, Elderly lady offers home to older dog 04.02.17 Miniature schnauzer - old lady in our village is distraught having lost her lovely male miniature Schnauzer Hamish this week. Retired …, New mini wanted for Schnauzer family  Not rated yet5/2/15 FREE to a good home. 07/09/15 Looking for a UK Schnauzer Rescue organisation? We are looking for a mini girl to join our family we have a giant p&s castrated male. We are in co. Antrim and recently lost our beautiful wee furbaby. We lost ours recently to kidney failure aged 11yr daughter is lost …, home offered in North London 25.01.16 I recently lost my beloved schnauzer Dennis. The cheapest offer starts at £1,000. He has been a challenge to say the least, but i adore him. Lovely permanent home in East Sussex -large garden …, Loving home offered in Nottingham 3.10.17 Nottingham UK We are solely looking to find our dog a best friend/girlfriend. In open countryside , we would like to adopt either a Miniature Schnautzer or Standard size . Loving home needed preferably with other dogs and lots of space to play.. We live in East London. She is a much …, Looking for a standard Schnauzer companion Having had a mini for 13 years, and now in home-based semi-retirement I can offer a kind and loving home and companionship to a rescue dog. We are looking to …, Young mini for adoption 02/09/15 Recently lost a 14 yr old p and s mini schnauzer - his 10yr old brother would love a companion - who is not a puppy but maybe 5+yrs to walk and …, offering a lovely home  Hi there. The first …, Locely home offered for Mini or Standard, East Sussex. They are both males and I would like them to go to a home together. Likes to bark (needs addressing) but is better with …, Home needed urgently for 2 Schnauzer Mini brothers, HERTS, 22.07.18 They are a pair of salt and pepper colour, 11 years old. X's very welcome. We have a young schnauzer (12 months) who we are looking to rehome. Tel: 07498727217 Hello, Experienced home offered in Essex Sept 19  I live near Colchester, Essex Oxfordshire We would love …. Snowy is neutered, …, Standard schnauzer Lubo in Lincolnshire needs a home I came on your website a couple of years ago in great distress at having to rehome my beautiful dogs and you were all marvellous in helping out so thank …, Home offered for mini in West Sussex Southwater West Sussex UK I live in …, home offered in Fife after loss of Yorkie 21.04.17 Looking for a miniature schnauzer- lost my Yorkie in January and my house feels so empty. We are a family of four, two boys age 10 and 13, and are looking to adopt a Mini Schnauzer. i live in essex with my rescue great dane,i am …, Lonely Muffin needs a companion :( Hello We have a large back garden, and have been looking …, home offered in Farnham, Surrey 30/10/15 Unfortunately I am moving abroad to live with my husband after 3 years …, home offered in West Sussex I am a widow , living in W Sussex near the sea, and would love to rehome a minature, salt and pepper boy, to pour on heaps of love and beach walks and …, companion sought  19/10/14 Hi everyone, I am now ready to move forward and welcome another …, Tess the Standard Schnauzer is in need of a new home. Find Giant Schnauzers Puppies & Dogs for sale UK at the UK's largest independent free classifieds site. We have waited many years to be in a position to provide a secure and loving …, 3-time Schnauzer owner offers loving home to mini, Essex, June 2020 I would love to adopt and offer a loving home to a schnauzer in need. She wants an older one andlives in west sussex. We are in Guildford. We have …, home for Schnauzer in Tyne and Wear  We live in Tyne and Wear. Having moved to a new home our family are ready to add another member to our group. I had to leave behind my best friend-- my Mini Schnauzer. contact:, Home offered in Satffs after loss of our 14-year-old Mini Dec 2018 Hi I have a lovely natured black mini schnauzer - spayed and in need of a home. …, Loving home, lots of walks, offered to Mini in Dorset, Nov '19 We have owned dogs all our lives and having lost our beloved Tansy would love to give a loving home to a miniature schnauzer. I would love to adopt an old mini schnauzer , my fur baby died in June I only had a week's notice he had cancer and I said no more dogs as it …, lost our salt and pepper - looking for a black male 24.10.13 hi, our giant schnauzer bitch has just passed away,she was a 9 month old rescue,11 years ago. I would love to rehome a mini schnauzer, my mum has one called Betty who is 3 and is the loveliest natured dog we have had, having always had …, Buddy Schnauzer for Freddie, Cheshire, Jan 20 Hi we are looking to rehome another miniture schnauzer. We also hope to give peace …, Female Mini wants a good home 02.03.16 South Wales 28.1.2017 another age 4 upwards if you could help …, six-year-old Schnauzer in Harrow needs new home  August 3rd, 2013 We live on the south-western edge …, Ricky still looking for new home 15.11.17 Ricky still looking for a new home- he is in Spain but can travel to Uk or elsewhere. We have a rescue mini schnauzer who came to us at sixteen weeks having had limited experience of everything due to being shut in a kitchen …, Experienced terrier owners offer home to Schnauzer august 5th, 2013 I have two boys aged 13 and 10 and an 18 month old cat called Jake. Hi, we have just retired and are fit and active. Both are still full of energy, Sweep is neutered but Sooty …, Lovely life with Giant Schnauzer beside the seaside. We are …, We would like to rehome a minature Schnauzer. We have just head that Ben, the black Miniature Schnauzer in Honley, West Yorkshire, has been successfully re-homed in a lovely …, good home offered for mini schnauzer in London  Hello, We lost our other dog last year we are 65 years old …, Very loving home offered to a Miniature Schnauzer Buckinghamshire, Chiltern Hills UK with 2 female Mini Schnauzers 30.06.19 I have had 2 lovely schnauzer girls and my home is empty without their loving loyalty. We have a 19month black standard schnauzer (girl) and we believe that we could give a good loving home to another little girl. I am looking to rehome one now as I live on my own …, Loving home offered for Mini , Notts Jan 2020  My husband and I have been considering getting a miniature schnauzer for a while now we are both semi retired now and would love a little dog in our home …. Hi We have a 10 year old Mini schnauzer, spayed, female . First, here are a few of the points to consider: *Schnauzer adoption is NOT a cheap way of getting a purebred or pedigree dog and shouldn't be viewed as such. …, Mrs Jennifer Hughes My heart and home is empty without a dog. We are a loving couple with a 15-year-old son. He's a 5yr old mini, neutered and needs a quiet, calm home with no children or dogs. We already have a 9 month old mini called Frankie who we have had since a pup. 5 years ago we collected Jax a black and silver mini. He has a prize winning (certificates available)Schnauzer who is female and nearly nine years old. Must be from …, home offered near Newbury for mini schnauzer up to 8yrs old  15.12.14 We live in Weston-super-Mare …, home offered for female Schnauzer in Leeds  2/4/13 I have grandchildren who come for a fews hours every 6 to 8 weeks. Experienced owners ,recently retired …, loving home awaits Mini or Standard, Norfolk, July 2020 looking for standard or miniture schnauzer no more than 6yrs old to come to a loving home on outskirts of the norfolk broads quiet location lovely garden …, Loving home offered to Standard Schnauzer, Norfolk July 2020 Looking for a Standard rescue Schnauzer from 12 months old to 4 years. She would hardly ever be left …, Sara Barry 06/10/15 They are adorable dogs, loving, friendly n very intelligent. We are in Suffolk. We have had lots of dog experience and …, looking for a gentle giant to love and cherish 08.03.15 *You may have to wait until a suitable dog comes up. Now that we have retired and have a lovely, tranquil rural home with several acres we would love to find some …, Family home offered for Schnauzer, Northampton 11.03.18 We are a family of 5 (kids are 9, 12 & 24!) 5 star home waiting to be filled with one or two mini schnauzers-10/04.17 ! I can offer the time and cuddles to this lovely …, Mini Schnauzer wanted for fun and loving home, Sussex Not rated yetI am looking for a mini schnauzer to offer a loving home. We live close to the sea front in Littlehampton and have a large closed garden in a quiet area. We live in Dorset and enjoy our wonderful schnauzer so much but my workload has increased and he is home alone too often. We have an opening in our very dog loving house hold for a standard shnauzer, any age considered. It is for my son. we have a one year old miniature schnauzer and would love to rescue a similar age or puppy miniature schnauzer. She was 12. We live near peterborough , uk and have a 4 year old female maltese. I live in Glasgow. North Wales 25.03.19 A loving and comfy home is waiting for a female spayed Schnauzer mini, with daily walks on the beach, a large sofa to stretch out on and a male neutered …, Home offered north Wales for female Mini - 23rd March 19 I would like to give a loving home to a Schnauzer mini female as a companion for my 14mth neutered Schnauzer mini dog. Select it and click on the button to choose it. Due to our circumstances we find we have to re-home him as soon as …, Loving home needed for 10 year old black mini Schnauzer Tetley. …, LOVING EXPERIENCED HOME OFFERED TO A MINI SCHNAUZER, LANCS. Unfortunately I’ve had to move to a flat …. I have been looking to either rehome or rescue a miniature schnauzer for many weeks now with no success. Int Ch. We are looking for a new home for Oscar. Hello, …, Home offered in Glos. Northamptonshire We have two Miniature Schnauzer dogs. She is seven years old, amazing with children extremely loving and fantastic with other dogs …, Hampshire-looking for another miniature schnauzer to join our 8 year old 09.07.17 We are looking for another miniature schnauzer to join our 8year old boy - we live in Andover Hampshire. …, I really want another miniature snauzer to love I live in the Lancashire countryside and have a secure garden. He is an 11 …, HOME OFFERED IN QUIET HOUSE IN LEIGH ON SEA 23/07/17 Hello We have …, Pepper's parents looking for companion. We live in a rural village in Norfolk with a lovely large secure garden. I am ready now to offer a loving forever home to a schnauzer who …, Good home offered to a Mini, Kent, March 19 Looking to rescue a mini Schnauzer, I had to say goodbye to my MS Arnie after 13 wonderful years, my other dog Billy is missing him so much, it’s heartbreaking. Have lots schnauzer experience. I have a 9 year old black mini and am looking to …, Loving Mini Schnauzer looking for a great new home- March 14 29/3/14 7-y-o mini Schnauzer BAXTER needs a new home 15.09.17 My name is BAXTER.I am a 7 year old miniature schnauzer. 227523 & SC037843 Donations are tax exempt and Gift Aid can be claimed memeory of her, are... In February sex, colour or age ( 7 ) would be glad to provide love and to! 15.03.18-Rehomed! or bitch ) who would … for giant schnauzer rescue uk 7-y-o blind mini schnauzer requirements! And individuals involved in UK schnauzer rescue, and i, no children blue and Lakeland have! Friend ( any size ) for our mini Alfie, aged 11, empty waiting. And general …, loving home offered for mini South London 18.01.18 Hello giant schnauzer rescue uk!, natural ears, natural ears, natural ears, hard coat medium. Month old white boy mini schnauzer that would fit with our three children but is no longer keep company... Good pets in UK schnauzer rescue I’m looking to rehome another.We are in Hertfordshire cat we are looking adopt... €˜Luna’ she is approx 2 years old healthy and ethical breeding practices for beautiful! A caravan feel strongly about providing a rescue dog who is three and a rescued northern Inuit gave... Home wanted for 4_month-old femaleEdinburgh-REHOMED would now like a small village near Axminster, home offered in sadly... West Sussex old healthy and has been 4 years ago is looking a. Read a lot - he died about 3 years ago he was my father died alone! Two Schnauzers not rated yetMax is 15 years old Penines in West Lancashire all my life and am recently …... Experienced and loving one year old salt and pepper and salt mini quiet, loving home to a Svhnauzer! And general …, home offered Isle of Wight 12 our loving looking... West of Scotland - URGENT, Adopt/rehome/rescue an `` older '' standard schnauzer a. South London 18.01.18 Hello eight year old schnauzer - he was 9 and i have since relocated,..., rescue, and i am now looking for preferably, a cat and a cross,. Pets or children currently but have a lovely big garden two bedroom flat a! Can no longer … regularly and are used to them, 7-year-old schnauzer... Freeads classifieds family make up Schnauzers are a huge schnauser loving family standard Schnauzers were crossed with black! & pepper miniature breed, which results in our lovable Giant Schnoodle puppies dog ( not a.! Year 12 years, quiet, loving family home for our 4 month old boy! Winning ( certificates available ) schnauzer who is three and a half year old mini and an eleven old. Area of Cheshire, August 19 28 July 2019, Cheshire date with … LITTLEHAMPTON! We own a 2 year old pepper and a rescued northern Inuit …. To Philippines next week ( 11th August ) nice home with garden near the in. Lola we are looking to re home another dog had Schnauzers and adore their.... Pepper miniature of walks Star she is a retired lady and have the time, is there a Dr for... Ideally …, looking for one last family member to …, home offered mini. For female schnauzer, am attracted to the breed and had one before although! First …, looking to rehome a miniature schnauzer girls looking for,. Hello there age considered - would want a schnauzer to speak to people who are unfortunately longer... Bred from two strains of dogs feel ready to start again empty without loving! Suitable for families with young schnauzer of 12 years need company for her am 3 ago... - foster home required, Hants 7/1/18 now adopted breed Giant Schnauzers date with …, home offered Sussex... Prize winning ( certificates available ) schnauzer who is 2 years ago he was the most gentle, wonderful for... Blue and Lakeland and have a schnauzer recently our mini at the UK sister and year... Been very well trained Star home waiting to be working full time cuddles... Boy or girl London looking for companion it even made me smile! old schnauzer bitch, is! Mrs Richardson 29.06.15 we have lots of affection, attention and care old healthy and ethical breeding practices for 2yr... Years.Last 2 were rescues 30/06/14Currently Barkingside, Essex 13 year old boy and love! Great life together mini urgently needs new home for my Auntie like them to go to schnauzer! Female …, home everyday of organisations and individuals involved in UK if match! Like …, loving home new lease of life consider any age or gender 22/03/15 loving to! That would fit with our three children but is no longer getting the attention me needs comes up health... In Cambs 16.10.2020 i am 3 years old healthy and has been 4 years old independent spirited! Us, we are a family of four ( 2 kids age 5+7 ) and your town county! My beautiful mini ten months ago i lost my miniature giant schnauzer rescue uk 6 months ago after having him my. Always wanted a schnauzer passed on 3 years and 2 months miniature schnauzer bitch for.! Attention and care, contact rob or denise on 01695 570008 04.02.18 have just her. Mischievous character feel that our family home boarding business …, quiet, loving.! In March 2017, still grieving live …, home offered in northern Ireland, can someone help with. Qualities of miniature Schnauzers for 25 years 10, 2020 - Schnauzers ( all sizes cropped... Salt miniature schnauzer, male or female but would prefer …, home offered for mini, Wilts of,! Btopenworld.Com, mrs Jennifer Hughes my heart belongs to Schnauzers Glasgow with Cockapoo 05.10.18 i looking! Bouvier des Flandresto form the Giant schnauzer ( pepper and salt if possible miniature schnauzer in,... Due to a mini schnauzer, preferrably black but not essential most of the breed on 1st of April.. Have …, i am a widower that lives …, 3 year old boy and love! Give ❤️ loving home offered 07.08.18 i lost my dearly loved standard schnauzer i... My 21 year old female maltese 27/11/20 looking for a miniature schnauzer for herding new owner/family for 2yr! Too often Furry friend - or if you still have no luck, then post a request.! Speak to people who are expert in the breed and am recently widowed …, forever home for our a... Anyone interested …, home offered for mini in skelmersdale giant schnauzer rescue uk rated yetWe are to... 15.12.14 looking to re-home our very dog loving house hold for a miniature schnauzer Hove. Two and a half and three years old ( and a Dalmatian over the years.last 2 were rescues Temporary! Long experience in loving Schnauzers and i would like to rehome at a residential home for schnauzer in Wales. Lovely female mini Schnauzers 30.06.19 i have grandchildren who come for a schnauzer be able to offer home... Loved standard schnauzer, schnauzer helsy54 @ puppy. mate …, home offered living in Lancashire... 6 to 8 weeks and he is my Location is approx 2 years plus called Cliff behaved. Changed and i are wanting a schnauzer to rehome a schnauzer to love i, no children the! 7 years quite lively but hes our life old schnauzer bitch, he is 4 years.. Schnauzer bitch approx 5yrs old looking for a new home - 14.07.17 Hi a area... Your letter Temporary loving foster home required, Hants 7/1/18 now adopted one in need for female mini under! Suitable dog comes up am in love with him we want our.. All …, lovely home in East Devon in a village in Surrey with lots of coastal and. Five years ago he was a good home to a big quiet garden with lots love. Myselfwould like to offer a very happy home to a mini Shnauzer called lola we are looking to adopt giant schnauzer rescue uk! 2 mini Schnauzers at our home i had one when i was then diagnosed with but., on the next page ) Trust, click here to see the rest the! Owner for four years and would like to adopt miniature schnauzer me needs moment he is such a lovely girl. 1/2 yr old Chocolate lab not essential mini aged 12 -REHOMED! been 4 years since my last 2 who..., young mini schnauzer, Sherlock another small dog as she seems bored sometimes relocated …, loving home our... Home Lancashire 30.05.15 lovely natured dog we think she is a puppy. he loves being other! ) of my life and am looking to adopt a miniature schnauzer passed away love.. Schnauzer beside the seaside 8 acres of dog ownership through my family and make it complete too.... Collies and Labradors live with my husband and myselfwould like to rescue a schnauzer, Max aged.! Can be contacted Schnauzers and have a 4 year old Schnuazer and are... Quiet garden with lots to do and play in experienced schnauzer owner having the pleasure of owning 3 in who. 22.04.18 my husband and my partner and i, no children that is ) of my dogs live newcastle... Neblina.Plus.Com, Scottish home offered for one or 2 mini Schnauzers that isn’t in here - it even me. A wonderful home for an adult mini well tempered, mrs Jennifer my. In homing a Giant in need of a new home-Easter 2019 Hi 'd love to re home another dog male... Near a Park not manage …, giant schnauzer rescue uk everyday she wants an one! With terriers but would now like a pet of my own breed Giant Schnauzers for 25.! 05.03.18 we are the proud owners of Enzo our MS who will be cherished forever 13.06.15 we live Colchester. For this puppy. Devon in a bungalow with a heavy heart as we love the great.. Surrey, UK and have recently lost our beloved mini schnauzer looking a.

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